Saturday, July 26, 2008


Well, it is Friday afternoon and looks like I survived at the most expected appointment of my live. In fact after today I have reasons to feel much more confidant.

The doctor looked very professional and was very patient and calm when he listened all my endless list of questions. Actually, Justyna was censuring me because I looked as the doctor and the doctor looked as a patient. I was with my legs crossed and a tea in the top of his table. I was with a long speech about my journey so far and doubts and I made sure that I would end the entire list. So, several times I told him to do not interrupt me until I finished my ideas.

Afterwards I let him take his position as a doctor, He introduced him self as a specialist for a weird and unknown diseases. Therefore, is where the Neuroendocrine belongs. It is a very unusual kind of cancer, unknown the origin, probably find easily in uncommon people :)
He stressed that in spit of the rarity of the incidence of this tumour (only 2% in all range of tumours are this type, what is less then 1,000 cases in all U.K. every year) it normally presents lower pace in its growth compared with the classical cancer in the pancreas. Additionally, the advantage to me when I choose to have this cancer is they have a several chemicals to fight the Neuroendocrine (short NETs) and normally the people reacts better to the chemotherapy given. Big percentage of this tumour tends to stagnate or decreases after the treatment.

So, positive in this:
Slower growth
More treatment available
Possible to jump to other treatments if one medication does not work

Still harmful, can kill

For the first time the doctors mentioned the chance to have an operation, either in the beginning or after the chemotherapy, the surgery will aim to remove the cancer and could be needed remove big part of the liver and pancreas. But to be in safe side, the need to check and investigate other parts to make sure that the cancer did not spread to these parts of my body. I hope that some pain I have in my chest and stomach is only anxiety and nervous.

It was positive to witness all the care from the doctor to my claims because all the doctors before were always reducing and neglecting other possibilities.

In the next three weeks I will be put forward to:
Special blood test, Hormone profile, to find if the cancer releases some special hormones
CT Scan and MRI to in detail study and better understand the extension of the cancer in all organs.
Another test is in the nuclear department, the Octreotide, I will need to be submitted to radiation that will study also behave of my hormones. For this I will need to be in hospital for two days.
And lastly, the common endoscopy that will see if there are metastases in the digestive system

All this it will be done until 15th of August, day that I will meet again Dr Caplin and also Dr Tim Meyer, the last doctor is responsible for the chemotherapy. At this date they will tell me if I go to chemotherapy or firstly I will visit the surgery unit.

My attitude is day by day, and then today is a good day, even if I still need sleep more 21 days with a sentence that I refused to accept in my head, I felt so much hope in the words of the doctor.
Until two weeks ago the doctors that come around have been telling me that in this cases statistically my hope for live normally would not going further than 6 months. Today the doctor put far away this scenery :)
Viva o fim-de-semana e a vida também


Luís Ganhão said...

Força Hélder... estamos todos contigo. Não deixes de escrever todos os dias, sei que falo por todos os que já cá vieram... que TODOS os dias viremos cá ver os teus novos posts.

A Nucha e os meus pais mandam-te beijinhos e abraços.

PS --> Bela Foto em Cima

José Ernesto said...

I only can say that "a lesson of live" is YOU!!!

I, Ana and Nini will be very soon hugging (abraçando-te) strongly...

Never forget we care and we love you, count on us:

Treta said...

Força companheiro.

P Neiva

sofia said...

Olá Helder,
Sao boas notícias as que recebeste ontem.
Tens de arranjar coisas para fazer nas próximas 3 semanas... leva a tua mae a passear. Ela ia gostar de ir a St. Paul e a Westminster.
Beijinhos para ti, Justina e Olivia
PS: Beijinhos para a tua mae também, diz-lhe que tenho saudades da sopa dela :)

Anita said...

Hi Helder, Justyna & Olivia,

Sorry for our silence…we’ve been SO busy. I caught a bug last week and was feeling terrible – getting better now.

We are very glad that all went well at with the doctor!!!

Hope to see you soon.

Lots of love,

Ana & Romero

P.S.: Beautiful picture!

Sofia said...

Olá Helder,

Fico muito feliz por a consulta ter corrido bem. É muito importante sentirmos confiança em quem nos está a acompanhar.
Mantém a boa disposição e aproveita para passear até 15 agosto com as tuas princesas.
A foto está linda.

Sofia Pereira